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Real Digital
MasterMind Program

Attract, Engage, Nurture and Convert

Like a Digital Marketing Pro!

Bringing together groups of like minded, forward thinking real estate agents, getting together to accelerate their digital presence, and use the power of digital to grow their audience and get people to like, know and trust them.

What is this MasterMind 
all about:

  • Accountability
  • Teaching you the what and the how
  • You engaging with like-minded individuals ready to accelerate their digital presence
  • Mastermind Challenges
  •  Interact, Engage and learn from your peers in  Mastermind Connects
  • Give you implementation templates, checklists and tools to get you going fast and your to do list DONE!

Join the MasterMind ... Access is limited to only 100 people per intake...

The Digital Marketing
mantra is:
Know, Like and Trust

  • First, people need to get to know you.
  • Then they start to like you, when you have provided enough value and you are engaging them with information they want to hear!
  • Then they begin to trust you, eventually enough, that they will use you to sell their house.
  • The RDA Digital Marketing Mastermind is designed to help you get to a place where people trust you.

The 6 month (minimum) mastermind
is a group of like-minded real estate agents, who are looking to level up their
digital marketing and create a database of loyal fans...

  • 1
    Mastermind Start up webinar - This is a 2 hour webinar with Paul du Plessis, our Digital Marketing Strategist and Coach, where he takes you through a MasterClass on the 6 pillar Roadmap at the heart of Real Digital Agent. You then go away with a DIY planner to complete, with what you want to achieve in the Mastermind.
  • 2
    Peer Network - you then get matched into a MasterMind group of other agents, at varying levels of Digital Marketing Mastery, for you to engage with, learn from and keep each other accountable. (We match you up with people from other areas / states to ensure you are not matched with a direct competitor)
  • 3
    Peer Network Mastermind - Every 2 weeks, you meet virtually with your peer network in a structured, engaging session. This session is hosted by Paul du Plessis (and/or one of our Digital Marketing Coaches and Mentors), to ensure that session is valuable to all. Here,  you start with what went well the past 2 weeks, what didn’t? What needs to change for you to get your digital marketing done? This is the opportunity for you to ask questions, engage with where you might be struggling, and hear what others are doing in the Digital Marketing space.
  • 4
    Access to RDA Academy MasterClasses - We run 2 MasterClasses per month (usually an hour), where our Digital Marketing team teaches you the basics, intermediate and advanced skills of Digital Marketing for Real Estate. These classes not only cover the theoretical aspect, but the actual practical how to and what to do! These MasterClasses are training sessions, usually only available in RDA Academy, but we have included them in the Mastermind programme (MasterClass Subscription is $39/month, but is included in Mastermind Subscription for FREE!)
  • 5
    Implementation Challenges - After each MasterClass, we then send out a Challenge, to get you implementing what you have learned in the MasterClass. Some of these challenges could take you a few hours, and some a few days even. They are available in the RDA members portal, and are designed in a way that takes you step by step to implementing. These are discussed in the Peer Network Mastermind sessions, to get you moving and keep you accountable.
  • 6
    Checklists and Implementation plans - all checklists and implementation plans, cheatsheets and guides will be available in the members area, for easy access.

The 6 month RDA

Month 1

Week 1: Webinar MasterClass - Starting Out

Week 2: Peer Network Set Up and Introductory Mastermind

Week 3: MasterClass

Week 4: Peer Network MasterMind and Implementation Challenge

Month 2 - 6

Week 1: MasterClass - Theme Based

Week 2: Peer Network MasterMind and Implementation Challenge

Week 3: MasterClass - Theme Based

Week 4: Peer Network MasterMind and Implementation Challenge

What you get in the

  • Two weekly MasterClass - the what and how to, to attract, engage, nurture and convert leads! 
  • Teamed in a Peer Network with other agents from all over Australia to work with on challenges
  • Two weekly Peer Network Mastermind
  • Peer to peer mentoring and accountability
  • Implementation Challenges keeping you accountable and moving!
  • Access to our library of checklists, cheatsheets and guides (Currently only available in RDA Academy $79/month)
  • Access to our private Facebook Group
  • Weekly Q&A in the Facebook Group

What this will COST YOU...

Sign up now, we are only accepting 100 people in this intake! The Mastermind will only open again in June/July. 

$49/month (minimum 6 months commitment)

  • You can, however cancel at anytime (30 days notice)
  • Two weekly MasterClass (Value $39/month)
  • Peer Network
  • Peer to peer mentoring and accountability
  • Peer Network MasterMind
  • Implementation Challenges
  • Access to our library of checklists, cheatsheets and guides (Currently only available in RDA Academy $79/month)
  • Access to our private Facebook Group
  • Weekly Q&A in the Facebook Group

Bonuses if you join before end 10 FEBRUARY

Bonus #1
1-on-1 Strategy session with one of our Digital Marketing Coaches (this will depend on where you need to focus). VALUE: $150
Bonus #2
Access to all RDA’s Implementation checklists, cheatsheets and guides VALUE: $1500
Bonus #3
Access to RDA MasterClass Sessions $39/month

Access is limited to only 100 people

$49 per month, for first 100 people for this intake Access opens again in May 2019, and price WILL GO UP!


If you go through the mastermind for a minimum of 30 days - providing you have engaged in the Masterminds, and done the challenges - and feel that you have not gained any value, then simply send us a mail telling us this, and you are out, nothing left to pay, we will even give you your money back…This is only for the first 30 days, thereafter no refunds - you can cancel with 30 days notice, at any time.

What people say about working with Real Digital Agent,
Paul du Plessis and the RDA Team...

Facebook is the way of the future and I appreciate Paul showing me the way.

Every time I speak to Paul he gives me good self direction.   I don't think I will be where I am today without Paul.

Adam Richards - LJ Hooker Glenorchy

Future proofing your business is what RDA and Paul teach you...Hand on heart , he's a top bloke and knows this space. He's really genuine in wanting you to do more business. For such a small investment that it is, it's such a vital part of your business.

Joel Stephan - DeeJay Property Group

Paul is a great guy but also is a true professional. He has helped us with our social media, website and everything tied up with this modern digital world of Marketing. So Thank you Paul for helping my business.

Ana Tulloch - LJ Hooker Broadwater



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