Strategic Coaching Programme – Real Digital Agent

Harness the power of digital to grow your real estate audience

Our Digital Marketing Blu-print 

The Formula

The Framework

The Matrix

The RDA conversion matrix system

We have developed a clear and repeatable decision making system that will help you: 

Make the right strategic decisions,  

that lead to the best possible outcomes, 

while aligned with your objectives, 

Creating a repeatable method that not only saves you time, it also delivers optimised results for every decision resulting in the best Return on Investment(ROI).

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Coaching you or the most tech savvy person in your team through the entire 6 step process to digital mastery.
It is crucial you understand how this works and can do it for yourself. (Give someone a fish or teach them how to fish?)

Digital Marketing Audit

A full Digital Audit will be completed using our Digital audit questionnaire. Your digital coach will then assess where you are on the Blueprint and will start working with you, from where you are. We won't waste time covering aspects you already have in place.

12 Month strategy defined

Once the audit is complete, you will begin to build your 12 month digital Blueprint, covering all 6 parts of our system. The starting point will be directed from the results of the audit, and then your coach will work with you to build a Strategy suited to your unique requirements.

Implementation and Accountability

The Digital Blueprint System is not just a model, you will be working monthly with your coach and together, will decide what needs to be done, by whom and then you will implement, before your next session. Real, actionable, visible results for you and your business.

What is the investment for you to get into this game?

12 month Program

$599 + GST - per month

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    Bi-weekly strategic coaching sessions with your coach
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    Access to the RDA Digital Library
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    Access to RDA Academy Training
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    Digital Audit before and after coaching
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    Digital Marketing Strategy for the year designed

book a free discovery call to find out if coaching is the right fit for you

Products that empower you to become a Digital Real Estate Rockstar.


Accelerate your digital presence with  like minded real estate agents.

digital academy

Your Real Estate digital marketing on-line learning centre.

digital coaching

We work with you to strategically build your digital landscape.

digital consulting

Set your Office, Team or Agents up with a Strategic Digital Marketing System

digital VOOM

We setup, run and manage, your Vendor Optimised Listings Advertising for You...

digital BLITZ

We get you into the game with this done for you, Audience and Lead Generation Program.


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