FAQ – Real Digital Agent
  1. You need to pay for your own ads, you can choose how much to spend and can switch the spend off anytime you want.
  2. You need to pay the Monthly Subscription license fee, this is calculated according to the number of suburbs you take.
  3. TYou will receive your own custom Market Wrap Video and Lead magnets suoted and branded to you.
  4. Photo's and Images: You will need to provide us with images for your website, this will be at your own cost
This system is on offer for individual agents in single suburbs. If two of you decide to work the same area we can provide two digital Blitz licenses in the same area with the permission of the first agent to purchase that suburb. Simply purchase the suburb. Then call us and tell us you have someone else who wishes to work the same area. We will send you a consent form and then they will be able to set up in that area as well. Because it is the same amount of work for us they will pay for that suburb. However, we can charge that out at the same rate as purchasing a second suburb.
You can decide whether to continue with us. If you do it will roll over for another year at the same monthly rate. If you do not wish to continue we will part as friends and you will cease using all our collateral. Our wish is that you push on for yourself and you are now in the game. We will have the right to get someone else started in your suburb.
You do! We install your pixel onto your lead gen websites and have them ready for you to capture the traffic and remarket to.
As part of Digital Blitz and your ongoing monthly commitment to us, we will use all of our resources to continue to keep you up to date and in fact, at the forefront of great marketing ideas. We have some very special material just around the corner for those that join our digital revolution.
You get the license for your suburb to use all of our lead generation systems. You also get:
  • More content.
  • More videos.
  • More ideas.
  • More instruction.
  • A closed Facebook group where you can interact with other agents.
  • A monthly webinar.
  • You get kept at the forefront of what is happening to create more leads.
  • A Support team in your corner.
  • Your questions answered in our monthly QA, on Facebook or through the chat.
These are the many ways you can contact us:
  1. We will take enquiry by email and it will be answered within 24 hrs
  2. You get access to a members only website - with hours of video training, cheatsheets and worksheets all ready for you
  3. We have a chat function on the members site, where you can type in your questions any time
  4. Monthly Q&A and training webinars for our members
  5. Members only Facebook Group, where we share content and answer your questions
  6. FAQ page on members site - as we get questions, we add them to the FAQ on the members site
Remember though, we will not be doing this for you... You must take responsibility for making this work. Although, the way it is all set up for you means it is not hard to GET INTO THIS GAME!!
We are setting this up to support individual agents in their prospecting areas. We cannot just give the same support for 10 as we do for 1. It is great, if all those in your office want to do this. You need to sort out who wants which suburb and then call us. We will help with setup and the price, but because we have kept this reasonable already, we can’t do a great deal just because it is on bulk. Talk to us.
Not without express permission from Digital Blitz (RTI Australia Pty Ltd). It may be given in some circumstances. Solely at the discretion of Digital blitz (RTI Australia Pty Ltd)
You need to give us 30 days notice of your intention to do that. You will be instructed to withdraw all content within our license agreement, which includes the FYI, Coaching Café, and My Home Value Lead Generation Systems. You will however, continue to own and use your pixel and you will own and have free use of your personal website. It is part of our mission statement to empower you to get into the digital space. We will part as friends and follow your success on going.
Okay, this is a great question. YES, we have consulting models available for both Offices and Agent. Contact our support or use the booking link to connect and have the next discussion Our mission is to get you into the digital game and then keep giving you the tools and new ideas to keep you thriving... on going. But, along the way you need to:
  1. Supply us with some material. Please note: we have kept this detail to a minimum so it is easy for you to get in the game.
  2. We will get you into the digital space. You will have all the tools you need to go for it. But, in the end you need someone to operate it all. Someone to push the buttons on remarketing. Someone to send the actual lead generation systems for you. Not a biggie now, because you are all set up and ready to go. Miles ahead of your opposition. AND we will help you stay there.
Generally, however, the enquiry you will be receiving will either be stored in your pixel, or come direct to your inbox. This will be refined and refined as we get more and more leads coming through and you, as part of our digital revolution, give us feedback.
No!!! Please be clear on this! We could have started a lead generating system online. If we just used what is in Digital Blitz to create leads and sell them to you, we would do really, really well. Our mission here, is to get more and more agents into the digital space… and take back our relevance. So no… you don’t pay for leads. You do however, pay a setup fee and a monthly fee for 12 months minimum.
You are signing up for a minimum of 12 months. See our cancellation policy in the terms and conditions section of this website.