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Knock Knock – Who’s There

We have all heard knock knock jokes… but for a Real Estate Agent it hits far too close to home… and it’s no laughing matter.

If you had even the smallest chance of changing your door knocking woes into a familiar, friendly greeting or even a pre-emptive invitation into the potential vendors home, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? I am sure every agent would…

Well, I am here to let you into a little secret… it’s all possible and accessible to you.

But there is one hitch. You have to set it up correctly and control all your DATA, to have even a sliver of a chance to make it happen.

Just like Kevin Costner hears a voice in the legendary movie “Field of Dreams” telling him –  “If you build it, they will come.”

I am telling you: “If you build it, they will come.”

Let’s get serious for a minute…

What does this all mean?

We are talking about the ability for you, to continuously and consistently, be able to place yourself and your brand in the headlights of your vendors. Taking all the attention away from your competitors and pointing it directly at YOU.

How is this possible I hear you say? It’s dead easy with Facebook™ and Google™ giving us the ability to Retarget and then Remarket to our Buyers, Vendors and prospects.

Facebook™ and Google™ firstly give us the ability to not only capture the attention of our targets but then also the ability to save these targets when they engage with us. They do this by using their pixels to store all these contact points within their platforms as a database, for you to use. Anyone visiting your website or viewing content you have put out is one of the major factors here, to get this right…

For the benefit of this post let’s talk specifically about Facebook™.

When you place a Listing Ad on Facebook™, as a video, with a link to your website, Facebook then tracks all viewers of that video, as the campaign runs its course.

If you have your Facebook™ pixel installed on your website property page, the pixel will then capture all website visitors viewing the property page, irrelevant of where they come from, to see this listing. They could be regular visitors to your website, from your email campaign or even from a Google™ search.

Now you have 2 Audiences primed and ready use.

There are 2 major ways to capitalise on these Audiences:

  1. Retargeting the Listing – This is a great opportunity to retarget any news or updates around the property. Open Home times, Auction dates and newsworthy updates.
  2. Remarketing You and Your Brand – You now have the power to completely and consistently brand yourself to a Hyper-Local and Super Relevant Audience that has already touched on your listing and has taking some level of action in the process.

By running retargeting, and then remarketing, campaigns in your immediate patch, at a hyper local-level, you capture the attention, grow your relationships and will ultimately be at the forefront of the vendors mind when they are ready to sell.

This strategy is only possible if you have control or at least access to the DATA that Facebook™provides you with.

There are 3 major obstacles to achieving this:

  1. You outsource your Facebook™ ads and they run your Listing Campaigns in their Ad Manager, not your own. Their Ad Manager = Their Data.
  2. No Pixel on your website, or it’s not your website and no access = No Data..
  3. No Video in your Ad Campaign = No Video View Data.

DATA is King and if you have none, you will be left paying someone else for the ability to use theirs. I can mention a couple of Portals that come to mind…

SIDE NOTE: There are indirect tricks and ways around to gather Data, but they require some work and in depth knowledge of how to work around these issues.

All We Heard Were Crickets…

That statement is 100% true…

Tons of houses sold in my suburb last year.

Signs went up everywhere…

The mailbox was full and then… so was my bin.

But not a murmur was spoken… no one knocked on my door…

And the most surprising thing of all was I was lucky if I saw even one Facebook Property Ad or Hyper-house centric Marketing on Digital, over the entire period.

Like I said… CRICKETS…

What a missed opportunity by all agents involved. It wasn’t even one office or franchise, or one specific agent. It was everyone in the area!

Getting to grips with Digital Marketing can be tough and it’s a very steep learning curve. Here at Real Digital Agent, we have been on a mission to help as many agents as we can get a handle on the new way to prospect and sell homes.

I bet you remember or heard the stories of when came out and things changed for the real estate industry, dramatically. A big change is on the horizon again and this time, agents have the opportunity to own their own space and become a powerful force in the industry.

But guess what? We as agents just seem to be too comfortable at handing over this power, and to anything or anyone that can satisfy our need for short term results.

So, where does that leave you as an agent?

Do you take the early win now and have another outside force, down the line, control your DESTINY?

OR… Do you develop your own masterplan that keeps you in the game and maximises your impact over time?


Imagine, if it were possible to connect with like-minded agents and work through the digital marketing space together… regularly and supported by coaches and mentors, all specialists in the digital marketing world of Real Estate Agents.

Imagine some of the leading Digital Marketing Mentors sharing their own personal strategies with you.

What if you could combine all the resources and mind power of fellow agents and mentors to rapidly grow, not only your understanding of the digital world for real estate agents but also be given all the systems and guides on how to implement these strategies?

That is why we have put together this incredible offer, where collaboration and support bear the fruit of success…

Go to MasterMind to see what you become a part of.

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