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Viral Organised and Optimised Marketing 

Get Your Property Advertised With VOOM

You get the VPA from Your Vendor and we do the rest!

VOOM will drive enquiry to your opens and report back to you, for your vendor report!

The number 1 difference with a Real Digital Agency account, is that YOU retain control of the enquiry your vendors get on their properties!!

You are not feeding another company's database only to have them resell the enquiry YOU GET to other agents.



We set up the all your Facebook™ Campaign Ads, in your Ad Manager, on your pages. You own all the data and the assets.

  • Step 1: You sign up to VOOM. (it’s free to sign up!!). Yes, you read right. Totally free to sign up… You only pay when you want to advertise a property, no lock-in contract, pay as you go!
  • Step 2: Once in we will give you the tools and show you how to get Vendors to commit to $495 to running a Hyper Managed Social Media Campaign. When you are in VOOM there are video training sessions to help you get VPA for this.
  • Step 3: When you have a property you would like to advertise, you simply access your VOOM account, and load the property into your account, guided by the simple template we have designed.
  • Step 4: You pay a total of $195 for 3 Strategically Managed and Hyper Targeted Facebook™ Ads.1) Facebook Ad 1: We have just listed…
    2) Facebook Ad 2: Come to the open day…
    3) Facebook Ad3: The second open day or AUCTION is...
    BONUS - You now will have a designated audience for this property to remarket to.
  • Step 5:  Each week we will prompt you to simply let us know the details, as they happen, we set up the ad campaigns to keep your audience engaged and informed.

We advise that your budget for the ads will be $300 (balance of the $495) billed to you directly by facebook.

We run the Ads, and give you a weekly report you can use with your vendor, nothing more for you to do...

significant increase in your DEDICATED traffic to your listing.

What you get…

  • 3 Facebook™ Ads, Hyper Targeted and custom designed for your property.
  • Facebook™ Ad Campaign Set up, campaign management, and Full Analytics of all Campaign ads.
  • Weekly report of traffic to your property, with recommendations on re-marketing and retargeting opportunities.
  • YOUR OWN AUDIENCE. All enquiry is set up and stored in YOUR ad manager account as an audience. You OWN it! We MANAGE it for you. Great to show at your next listing presentation!
  • Additional marketing packages can be purchased, to go back out to ANY audience you have created or any new audience you wish. We will show you how.
  • You can purchase re-marketing packages to YOUR audience any time you like. We can help advise on that.

what will this cost you?

Sign up is 100% free...

  • When you sign up, you get access to our members portal, where you can upload your property images, links to videos and descriptions.
  • Pay as you go - $495 per property - $195 billed on order to set up your 3 Facebook™ads in YOUR ad manager, create your custom audience, copy all done for you, run the ad, and report back to you weekly on how your ad is performing (along with recommendations on what to do next, retargeting and re-marketing opportunities.
  • Facebook™ Ad spend - min $300 ($100 per AD) will be set up by us and billed through your Ad Manager. This is what is needed, as a minimum, to ensure optimum AD traction and effectiveness

Want to find out more...?

compare The difference

VOOM Facebook Marketing

 Real Estate Portals

Contract Advertisers

Way more cost effective.

Expensive for vendors...and for you.

Varied but expensive in the long term

YOU capture your viewers...

You have no idea who has viewed???

Contractor owns YOUR viewers.

YOU have the data in your ad manager account.

All Data is added to the portals Pixel, not yours

Contractor owns YOUR data.

VPA low so you can keep your commission higher (we will show you how this works). 

VPA is expensive, so your commission low...

Varied with little idea how to effect a strategy for your vendors

YOU can re-market to your own enquiry via the VOOM system.

Portal re-markets YOUR enquiry to all your competitor Agents.

No avenue to re-market to your own audience unless you pay them for the privilege...

When you re-market to YOUR Audience, YOU gather more data for YOUR account. 

When you re-market the current way, the portal gains more data for its CRM!

Contractor owns all YOUR accumulated and paid for data.

You go to the buyers, directly on to their devices.

Buyers have to go to the portal...

You can go to the Buyers directly but lose the Data to the Contractor.

YOU can drive YOUR traffic to the portals!!!  Win/win situation.

Portals only drive traffic to themselves... 

YOUR traffic through THEIR system. They disappear and you lose it ALL.

case study

We ran the first phase of the VOOM Ad campaign for an open home over the initial period of 3 days. $100 ad spend, over 7000 views and 26 people through the open home, the first day.

One of the major property portals reporting showed a massive spike in visits, on the days the ad was running. When we shut the ad off, the views decreased on the property portal. Although all direct traffic was being driven to the agents website, we were indirectly driving traffic to the portal as well…without the need the Portals add on "special" Ad product.

With the 3rd and final Ad completed, we had already achieved, for our client, over 52K Video Views of the Property which set up future audiences of over 5300 potential buyers and sellers, including over 1000 very "HOT" prospects to further engage with...all saved in the clients personal FB "CRM".

Target Reached
Ads Delivered
Property Views

Get Your Property Advertised With VOOM

How my clients are now using “VOOM” (Vendor Organised and Optimised Marketing) in all of their vendor paid advertising...

There's some amazing results and reasons why agents are using "VOOM"... Here are just some of them...

  1. It is getting better results for vendors. More buyers see their homes, resulting in more buyers to opens in a lot of cases.
  2. It is cheaper than current options for vendors. Way cheaper!! Our standard package is $495 + GST to get the job done.
  3. They love the logic of going after existing buyers first! Before spending huge money... After all 60 - 70% of buyers seem to come from a 10k radius.
  4. They love the logic of going back and back again to those that show interest.
  5. It allows you to control your own enquiry.
  6. It has options for re-marketing to your captured audience.
  7. It is the future of our industry!
  8. It is a fantastic way for management to control digital marketing.
  9. We teach the agents how to sell it to vendors
  10. Last but not least… less VPA means you can ask for your full fees!!

It is so simple, just 4 steps:

  1. Watch the training video below on how to present for listings using "VOOM". Play it as a training video for your team.
  2. Sign up for free for "VOOM"below...
  3. Launch your next listing using "VOOM" for the 3 FB ADs (1 each week for 3 weeks)
  4. At the end of each week you receive a full report for your vendor on:
  • How many people watched your video
  • How long they watched for
  • How many are now in your pixel buyer database

At the end of the 3 Facebook AD Campaign you will be asked if you want to re-market to the whole pixel database looking for listings. "VOOM" can even help you with ideas for this. Now, you are really in the digital game!

It’s the ultimate way to get your agents into digital in a way that will prospect in your area like never before.

All while you are finding the next listing.

Oh, and you do not need to have videos ready every time you use "VOOM". The "VOOM" team can make a video out of still shots of the property for an extra $99 + GST!!

And... if you don’t have a Facebook AD manager account, the team will help you get it set up for you.

Agents are trying 1 “VOOM” but then its addictive for both vendors and agents, so be careful how you proceed!!!!

WATCH -  How To Get VPA For Social Advertising

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