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Welcome to VOOM

(Vendors Organised and Optimised Marketing)

Your Real Estate Ad Management Platform

Step 1: watch the Presenting for Digital VPA Training Session below.

Peter Gilchrist

How To Get VPA for

Digital Marketing

Watch Peter Gilchrist Show You The methods needed to get VPA from Vendors for Facebook Advertising

Presenting for Digital VPA Masterclass Guide

Step 2: Place a Voom Property Ad Campaign, Marketing Campaign or Remarketing Campaign

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Step 3: Give us access to your FB Ad Manager

FB AD Manager and Reporting

How to get started...

Step 1:

We will need access to your Ad Manager in order to design your Property Ad Campaign.

Please click on Set up Facebook Ad Manager below to find out how to access your Ad Manager, and follow the steps.

Step 2:

You can purchase any VOOM Managed and Optimised Facebook Ad Campaign by clicking on any of the Campaigns ABOVE.

Step 3:

Once you have placed a VOOM Ad, you can view updates on your property in the "REPORTING - Review current Ads" section below

Any questions, please contact us on support@realdigitalagent.com.au

‚ÄčComing soon - FACEBOOK ADS Training Series

Paul du Plessis

The 7 Mistakes Agents Make

when Facebook Advertising


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