Harness the power of digital! New Zealand – Real Digital Agent

Harness the power of digital! New Zealand

Find out why 3000 Agents at AREC pulled out their mobiles in the middle of Peter’s talk.

Maybe you were at AREC 2018. Maybe your weren’t! Either way, this is hot off the press and in the frenzy of interest and signup, what has become very apparent is that this offering is not only exceptionally high value but also the solution to the overwhelm experienced by so many of you! You know you have to get into the digital marketing space but many of you have no idea how, what or where to start!

This is a massive topic and the adoption of this digital solution is going to revolutionise and mobilise our digital relationships with potential enquiry. It is a chance to keep agents relevant and elevate their digital presence in their own suburb! This is an opportunity to take back our own enquiry!

Above is a recording of exactly what Peter spoke about at AREC and what Real Digital Blitz is about. AND, it is also a very clear outline of what you need to do and what you need to know even if you don’t sign up for Real Digital Blitz!

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