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Stop Prospecting It’s Holiday Time…OR

It's that time of the year, the Christmas lights are all going up. It's all quite festive and we are all gearing into the holiday mode.

As agents it's very easy, at this time of year to get lulled into a sense of slowing down and shutting off.

Let's stop training, let's stop letterbox drops, emails, social media posts, and let's stop prospecting... We'll come back mid to end January, and we'll carry on... There will be leads waiting for us, but that's just not the case...

Watch Paul's new video below, where he explains why this is the wrong way to go about December, and what to do instead!

Stop Prospecting. Shut it all down. It’s holiday time...OR???

Posted by Paul Du Plessis on Monday, November 25, 2019

SOLD with Facebook™ – The VOOM Way

There’s a NEW Way To Get Your Property Listings Massive Attention

The days of simply placing ads onto the portal websites, and if the price is right, the property sold like hotcakes is no longer what it used to be.

Just a few years ago the real estate game was simple. Get listings and load them onto the portals. If the price was right the rest took care of itself. Not so anymore…the landscape is changing and so have the major portals. Pay more…much more for prime visibility of your listings or they get left in obscurity.

Buyer attention has also changed and become so diluted with distractions that the only way to get noticed is to meet them where they spend 60% of their online activity…Facebook™.

What if I told you that there is a new way for you to market your listings that will generate significantly more attention than all the portal put together at a fraction of the cost! Attention not only for your listings benefit but also to gain attention for your personal brand. This new way is all powered by the Facebook™ Ad Platform and is driving more attention and enquiry to listings than ever before. Consider spending upwards of $1000’s on portal advertising and then look deeply at the numbers. We have studied numerous clients listings from their portals and the story is always the same, good attention and enquiry but never comparative to the numbers being delivered when we run the same listing using a strategic Facebook™ Markeing Campaign…have a look at the number example below…

$ 0
Advertising Spend
VOOM Facebook Property Views
Same Spend on Portal Views

What this tells us is that the time is still not there where we can completely right of the portals. Not yet anyhow. But the overwhelming evidence is showing that if you are not running strategic advetising campaigns for your listings on Facebook™ then you are missing a major part of the puzzle.

Not all campaigns are alike and some get more traction and traffic and some don’t get as much but in our experience Facebook™ has always achieved higher views than the portals for far less spend…so this strategy is becoming as important as the portal listings are.

Want to find out how we are getting listings in front of more people, more often and with higher engagement on Facebook™ book a call or sign up to get sold with VOOM and take it for a spin.