Your Digital Lead Generation System (Thumbstoppers!)

We will supply you with several brilliantly designed lead capture systems, in your area for which you will have the exclusive license, including:

FYI House Centric Marketing

FYI - a brilliant system for house centric marketing. It is our intention to turn this into a neighbourhood brand and add “what's happening” in the area onto it. We set up the 5 house centric adverts in your Facebook Ad manager and send potential vendors and buyers straight to your website property page!

My Home Value Appraisal Generation Website

We set up your own “my home value" appraisal generation system. (It is a website for your suburb that gains free appraisals for you!).

The Facebook advert thumbstoppers below, will be preloaded into your Facebook Ad manager, ready to go.  You choose what you want to spend and then switch it on and watch the magic happen! You will get more appraisals out of this system than doorknocking!

Coaching Cafe for Sellers

The Coaching café for sellers. 25 + video series. This has been recorded by Peter as the “mega coach to the industry, now teaching sellers how to sell, and sell well.

It includes topics such as

  • How to prepare for sale.
  • How to choose an agent
  • Questions to ask your agent. (Answers supplied!!)
  • How to price your home
  • Auction or not auction

And lots more. All branded as the Coaching Café for sellers, so sellers will get to know what to look for as you send them more and more interesting videos. We load up 2 ads into your Facebook Ad Manager ready to run, alongside the ads onto your website. We will keep adding more and more lead generating video series and adverts.