Your Personal Profile Website

We set up your personal website with all my requirements on there:

We give you a checklist of what's needed for your website, with instructions and training sessions, all you need to to is upload it all in one easy to use form, and we get started building!

Included in your website:

  1. Chat function - we set it up for you!
  2. I recommend you do a profile video - I show you how, and I give you the script! But, we can get you going without one as a start!
  3. Lead capture system - Once someone has visited your website for 20 seconds, they get prompted to sign up and capture their details. We suggest your own video here (don't worry, we give you the script for this!)
  4. Your own PIXEL on there!! (Yes you own it and you can gather all the data in your Pixel)
  5. You own your website, forever!
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