Your Facebook Business Page and Ad Manager

We set up your Facebook business page once and for all, or if you have an existing one, we recommend what you need to do to get it converting.

Your Ad Manager account is all set up for you! Complete with all the Digital Lead Generation Systems (Thumbstoppers) that we have developed for you, after years of listening to my clients and understanding what will drive vendors to click through.

Now, all you have to do is make a few tweaks (we show you how), adjust the budget and start the campaign, and you are running with:

  •  My 5 advert House Centric lead system (FYI)
  • The MY HOME VALUE lead generation website - which we are building for you as part of Real Digital Blitz
  • My Coaching Cafe for Sellers video series, all filmed, locked and loaded, ready for you to start creating listings!
  • A unique property carousel system that showcases your current listings brilliantly on behalf of your vendors and drives every potential buyer directly to your website!

We have provided you with the Facebook adverts, guaranteed to get the clicks, linked to your website, to capture the leads, all you have to do is follow them up!